Current Projects

“Civilizations that correctly assessed their current situations, anticipated changes, and started preparing for those changes were the ones that thrived, they were sustainable”, Jared Diamond


Local Manufacturers

  A new business enhancement program for Louise Waste Management Corp is now being initiated. This 21st century waste management model is recognised as major potential area of job growth and revenue generator for this area.  New innovative systems are being examined with the emphasis on research and government funding assistance modelling intended to provide significant NEW resources to enhance this modern facility.

  This facility is unique in rural Southern Manitoba and reflects the progressive planning of all the area councils in waste management practices and environmentally sustainable planning.



Alberta Project

  After highlighting the decline of the population in our rural community (see Demographics), we believe that attracting people from other provinces like Alberta or British Columbia could be a good way to reinforce our community populations and to help it to survive. Communicating the advantages (advertising, website development) to live and enjoy the natural environment should be the key of our success. Numerous opportunities are available for interested new residents (houses, jobs and all kind of services) as incentives to live here.



Harvest Moon

  The Harvest Moon Society represents a group of people from the region including students and academics from the University of Manitoba, who want to develop and promote local activities, local foods and sustainable lifestyles for “Healthy Land, Healthy Communities”                                 ( ). 
  Louise Community Development Corporation provided support from the beginning (concept support, business plan..) because we are convinced that the concept sounds in advance of it’s time.



Global Horizons

This project consists of the creation for assisted living accommodation for seniors and flats to accommodate foreign students. The Global Horizons project is a large one and beneficial for the entire region. The idea is on one hand to facilitate and encourage the welcoming of foreign students in our Prairie Spirit Schools ( ), develop partnerships with foreign countries, and bring new fresh, thinking in our communities as well.

  On other hand, the assisted living facility enables level 1 seniors to live in comfortable conditions, receive better nutrition and live healthier lives thanks to excellent local medical care facilities, and importantly to alleviate the serious housing shortage for level 1 seniors.







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